Company Profile

Welcome to Solareo. We produce reliable solar electricity and contribute to sustainable environment globally.

Solareo is a leading solar power producer and solar energy expert. Founded in April 2005 in Paris by Frédéric Schrapp, a fresh management graduate from HEC Paris with two engineers. Solareo in nine years has become an expert in solar plant development, operation and production of solar electricity with presence in Europe and Asia.

Solareo started in the early years of solar industry with firm belief of commercial feasibility of solar power production and a cleaner global environment. Today Solareo promises to design efficient plants so that you get reliable electricity for a long time in future. We deliver sustainability thanks to our engineering, construction, procurement backbone and deep understanding of local environment.

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unused-roofRooftop Solar Plant

Your roof can generate enough power to provide you cleaner electricity all year.

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ground mounted

Utility Scale Solar Plant

Solar Plants provide the best alternative use of an unused land without negatively impacting environment.

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Solar Leasing Option

You pay only for the solar electricity for kilowatts-hour the plant produces for you every month.

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