Financial Strength

Sustainable financial performance based on strong bankable assets


Solareo has built, now owns and operates more than 6 MWp solar electricity plants in Europe today that represents more than 20 million € (S$ 35 million) generating more than 2.5 million €  (S$ 4.3 million) operating income every year by sale of electricity.

Solareo’s efficient processes, proficient project management practices and operational excellence produce more than 1 million € (S$ 1.75 million) free cash flow every year. This free cash is further invested into new plants making it a self-sustaining and bankable process of equity investment.

Solareo is investing another 40 million € (S$ 70 million) of equity into its new plants in France and Switzerland in 2014 and 2015. The proceeds from a total portfolio of more than 25 MWp of proprietary plants is the strong reason of Solareo’s financial strength and fuels further development in Singapore and other South East Asian countries such as Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and other emerging markets.


Solareo estimates its investment in 10 MWp of new rooftop solar plants in Singapore in 2014, representing 30% of its global plan for next two years.