Commercial Properties

Reduce your electricity bill immediately and continue for over 20 years

Commercial property, hotel, shopping mall, office and other small to medium building owners or management councils (MCST) of multiple owners can now benefit immensely from reduced electricity bill by going solar. If you are paying more for your electricity bill and you have 1500 m2 roof-space (at minimum) you can now have your solar power plant on your roof and generate your own electricity independently. Solar is a daytime electricity source and that is when your electricity usage and also grid’s electricity price are maximum – so going solar helps you reduce your peak time purchase from public utility and therefore most of the cost of electricity.

At Solareo, we understand how valuable it is for a commercial building manager to save extra dollars from your common services operations. We can surely assist you to bring down your energy bill that now makes up to 13 to 20% of your operational expenses.

Refer the illustration below to understand better:


* Source SP Services – public tariff for high tension small (HTS) supply Singapore Jan’2014

Investment in solar plant is a long-term proposition. Even though the insides of your building might change over years, the roofs remain intact. And that is why you can safely use your roof-space to generate cleaner electricity and enhance the value of your building by obtaining a GreenMark* certification. Now you realize that this investment has two-way payback – reduced electricity bill and increased property value.

Commercial building owners often wonder about certain practical concerns:

  • “Investment in solar, it seems, is expensive. I am not sure I can invest so much capital”
  • “Do I have enough roof-space which is also able to bear extra weight of solar panels?”
  • “How do I ensure water proofing of the roof?”

Solareo’s Solar Lease promises that you do not need to pay a single penny to install solar panels on the roof. Solareo pays. You only need to agree to buy the less expensive solar electricity (kilowatts-hour) from the plant that Solareo operates for 20+ years and allow Solareo a lease of the roof so that it can operate and manage the plant freely to guarantee performance of the plant.

Solareo, with its decade long experience in solar energy projects understands your concerns and brings to you a perfect solution to all your worries – Solar Lease click here to learn more <<we will have a link to the Solar Lease blog page here>>

Solareo owns, operates and manages the upkeep of the plant on your roof as its own asset. This guarantees you that Solareo is responsible for ensuring the weight acceptability of additional solar panels on your roof – Solareo can do it best thanks to its decade long experience. Solareo engineer first ensures that your building is capable enough before even proposing you an offer.

Solareo, again, can ensure water-proofing maintenance of the roof. Solareo proposes such maintenance in its Solar Lease offer and lets you enjoy cleaner cheaper solar electricity year after year without you worrying about water leakage from the roof.

Your building is now ready to earn you extra points to certify itself with GreenMark* that enhances your property’s and allows you to benefit from Government incentives.

If you are excited about this offer but are uncertain about how you can benefit from this offer – please don’t hesitate to contact us and our team will contact you within 48 hours to understand your requirement and explain you the offer.

* Singapore specific: From 2008, any building undergoing major retrofitting work of more than 2000 sqm must meet the Green Mark certified standard. Refer BCA guidelines here.