Build plant at our cost and save energy cost of everyday operation

Hospital and Medical center

general hospital

Cost of healthcare is rising in Singapore concerning general public especially the ones supporting elderly dependents. Such has become concerning to the employers at large. While subsidies could ward off some of the cost from being passed to the public, it’s often in the best interest of these medical centers to invest themselves into manage their own increasing cost of operation sustainably – since subsidies increase federal spending and are not sustainable in the longer run.

Much of this cost is due to rising cost of electricity. While good practices and some energy efficiency measures can bring down the consumption of energy and control the demand, renewable energy ensures that you have additional source of supply of energy – controlling the supply side. For this two pronged approach hospitals can stand to save up to third of their energy cost. Some of these savings can be passed to the patients making their healthcare affordable.

Moreover, energy efficient hospitals provide cleaner environment and better air quality to the patients helping them recover faster and better.

School, Polytechnic, University, Sport Complex

schoolSave on energy costs without sacrificing quality of education.

More than half of school’s electricity is consumed by lights. A very large portion of the rest 50% comes from air conditioning. However, schools and universities cannot compromise on these usages of energy since they directly relate to quality of education.

Better lighting and well maintained temperature help develop concentration and the results are better. Even the sporting facilities must maintain balance of these two well. Students, teachers alike comfortably participate in shared learning and thus improve quality of education.

Other sources of electrical usage include computers, printers, copiers, fans and security systems. While turning off lights when not in use is a good practice but unfortunately does not provide enough opportunity for savings due to high rate of occupancy during the working hours (also the peak hours for electricity demand) of these institutions.

While we encourage you to implement an energy management strategy, we can ensure that you save expensive electricity cost by building your own solar plant on your often unused roof. If you are a public general or specialty hospital or medical center or a private hospital your building roofs are large enough covering numerous medical facilities, wards and in-patient accommodation.

If you are a school, university, polytechnic, medical college or other educational institute you have large roof(s) across many academic centers, student hostels, laboratories, libraries, cafeterias and sport complexes. However the roofs are often unused.

These roofs or other coverings present great opportunity of having a large solar plant that can be capable enough to meet most of your daytime energy needs.

However, investments in energy efficiency improvement programs could be expensive and require large upfront investment. While you can benefit from energy performance contract or EPC solutions from energy companies, Solareo saves you all the cost for building your solar plant. And you buy the solar electricity the plant generates at a much cheaper price every month for 20 years. Thus you start saving on your electricity bill from the first month saving in tens of thousands over the lifetime.

Here’s how we can help you:

  • We assess how much solar energy your roof can produce
  • We design your plant
  • We invest and build your plant
  • We generate electricity that you buy
  • We operate and maintain the plant year after year for years

Solareo’s Solar Lease promises that you do not need to pay a single penny to build your own solar plant on the roof. Solareo pays. You only need to agree to buy the less expensive solar electricity (kilowatts-hour) from the plant that Solareo operates for 20+ years and allow Solareo a lease of the roof so that it can operate and manage the plant freely to guarantee performance of the plant.

Solareo owns, operates and manages the upkeep of the plant on your roof as its own asset. This guarantees you that Solareo is responsible for ensuring the weight acceptability of additional solar panels on your roof – Solareo can do it best thanks to its decade long experience. Solareo engineer first ensures that your building is capable enough before even proposing you an offer.

Solareo, again, can ensure water-proofing maintenance of the roof. Solareo proposes such maintenance in its Solar Lease offer and lets you enjoy cleaner cheaper solar electricity year after year without worrying about water leakage from the roof.

Your building is now ready to earn you extra points to certify itself with GreenMark* that enhances your corporate image and allows you to benefit from Government incentives.

If you are excited about this offer but are uncertain about how you can benefit from this service – please don’t hesitate to contact us and our team will contact you within 48 hours to understand your requirement and explain you the offer.

* Singapore specific: From 2008, any building undergoing major retrofitting work of more than 2000 sqm must meet the Green Mark certified standard. Refer BCA guidelines here.