HDB Solar Capacity Building Program progresses with an additional tender on 680 HDB blocks

HDBAfter a first tender covering the roof surface of 200 HDB commercial and industrial properties, the Housing Development Board of Singapore is pushing ahead with additional 680 units.

The success of the first round of solar installations, which will be completed by the end of the year, led HDB to continue its Solar Cpacity Building Program, targeting its blocks in Jurong East, Marine Parade, Sembawang and Tampines.

Within the implementation of this initiative, that will allow Singapore to rely on a greener, more diversified and reliable energy mix, HDB is also trying to test different technologies and solutions to understand which kind of solar installation is most suitable for the Singaporean climate and how to maximize the positive economic impact of the program.

As a leading Country in Southeast Asia for solar research and deployment, Singapore is likely to harvest relevant benefits from the initiative, as installation and financing costs are going down and solar electricity providers are able to compete on price with authorized electricity retailers. The benefits are eveident for the national economy, which will take advantage of a more diverse and stable energy mix and enhance its independence, and for solar electricity end consumers, which will see a decrease in their electricity bill as a consequence of improved solar technology.