SolarNova will boost solar growth in Singapore

Mr S Iswaran, Second Minister for Trade and Industry Singapore

“we plan to raise the adoption of solar power in our system to 350 Mega-Watt-peak (MWp) by 2020. This is about 5 per cent of 2020 peak electricity demand, a significant increase from the present 15 MWp of installed capacity today.”

Solar industry welcomed the announcement, by Mr. S Iswaran, Second Minister for Trade and Industry of SolarNova Singapore program – a progressive and market development move that is expected to increase the pace of solar adoption in Singapore spearheaded by public agencies.

Long anticipated and so far pioneered a path by the Housing Development Board (HDB) in adopting solar power, will be a welcome move in creating demand for vast adoption of solar using services like “solar leasing”. Public agency participation will infuse confidence not only in the private commercial & industrial businesses but also in the supporting sectors such as financing to consider solar as viable option that sustains without the need for subsidies.

The programme is initiated by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) to aggregate demand from public agencies. The industry will be keenly anticipating the regulatory support coming in to induce further growth.

EDB will work with key government agencies to aggregate demand for solar deployment across Government buildings and spaces. This “SolarNova” programme will also catalyse the growth of the clean-energy sector.

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