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Assess your real solar potential

Solar assessment is the most vital part of designing a great solar plant. The real solar potential (i.e. the ability to generate kWh of solar electricity in a year) varies from country to country, from one location to the other. Therefore a careful assessment that considers the local weather condition, climatic history, geographical (latitude, longitude) position and other location specific details (shading, wind condition etc.) is the first right step.

Solareo, thanks to its decade long rich and diverse experience of development of solar plants across the globe, can advise you about the most realistic assessment. Solareo understands that a solar plant is an expensive investment in the future and therefore you need to be 100% sure.

You also want to be sure that your RC or metal roof can take the additional weight with minimum civil and structural changes on your roof – Solareo ensures for you.

Sample solar technical assessment in Singapore

Sample solar technical assessment in Singapore

If you are uncertain about the real solar potential of your roof, your large car park or your land – please don’t hesitate to contact us and our engineers will contact you within 48 hours to understand your requirement.