Ground Mounted Utility Scale Plant

Solar plants provide the best alternative use of a land without negatively impacting environment

Solareo uses its decade long expertise in utility scale plants to develop the most efficient plants on the grounds that cannot be used for anything else – such as agriculture. These otherwise unused lands, when fitted with a multi-megawatts scale solar plant, can provide support to the public electricity grid to provide electricity to the farthest corners of the country, most often serving local demand and reducing high distribution loss.

The geological and climatic conditions of each region demands that careful attention is given to the ground soil conditions, flooding situations, elevation requirement, cleansing facilities, proximity to the public grid and precise orientation of the panels for maximum generation.

With Solareo’s very long experience in developing utility plants (as the one below), these plants can be built fast with an affordable cost, thanks not only to the decline of cost of investment uncomplicated ownership structure but also deep understanding and anticipation of risks.

ground mounted

8 MWp utility scale solar photovoltaic plant in Brigadel (France)

For Solareo to build and operate the solar plant on the land, the customer needs to entrust us with a lease of the land for 20+ years. In cases, the sovereign government can offer Solareo or customer to buy and own the land for the purpose of generating solar electricity.

If you own a large and abandoned land – please don’t hesitate to contact us and our engineers will contact you within 48 hours to understand your requirement.