Rooftop Solar Plant

Rooftop solar power is Singapore’s highest potential electricity production source. Your roof can generate enough power to provide you affordable electricity all year

Abundant solar irradiance and stable climatic conditions make Singapore an ideal location for solar rooftop electricity production.

Solareo can help you utilize your roof for electricity production by installing and operating your own solar PV plant. The plant will continue generating solar power all year round  and provide you with the reliable electricity productionyou need. Depending on the size of the roof (or roofs) we can build several kilowatts to multiple megawatts of solar power plant and generate solar electricity year after year.

Your 2,000 sqm roof in Singapore can guarantee enough electricity production to satisfy your demand. These plants can be either grid-connected or off-grid plants.

assessment We assess solar potential

  • assessment of water proofing requirement
  • assessment of load eligibility of the roof
  • assessment of rooftop space availability, orientation, shading on the roof
thumbnail We design and build the plant

  • detailed design of the plant
  • procurement of high quality equipment
  • quality construction of the plant
solar IPP We generate electricity and operate the plant

  • operation and maintenance of the plant
  • cleansing panels, ensuring working condition
  • electricity production and sale by kilowatts-hour

For Solareo to build and operate the solar plant on rooftop, the customer needs to entrust us with a lease (also called “solar lease”) of the roof for a typical duration of 20 years, corresponding to the duration of the power purchase agreement (PPA) associated to the electricity production provided by the plant.

If you have an industrial, commercial or community housing roof, large car park and other large sheds – please don’t hesitate to contact us and our engineers will contact you within 48 hours to understand your requirement.