Solar Leasing

You only pay for the solar electricity kilowatt-hours you consume.

Solar Leasing is a unique solution intended to help you financially when you consider the required capital investment in your plant too large. In this offer you can benefit from zero investment. We design and build the plant either on your roof(s), car park or even on the large abandoned land you own at our cost. You only agree to buy the solar electricity the plant generates and pay for every kilowatts-hour (kWh).

In addition to reducing your electricity bill per month, you can now convert your fixed investment cost into an affordable lease per month for the solar electricity your plant generates.

While your grid electricity tariff rises frequently, Solareo promises you a discounted tariff for solar electricity for over 20 years, so you save thousands of dollars your business needs. Solareo owns, operates, maintains your plant and bears all the risk of electricity production. What more – you own your plant back after the end of the contract.

Discount model over years

* Sources SP Services – public tariff for high tension small (HTS) supply Singapore Jan’2014

Refer the example below to understand your savings better

Sample rooftop lease

Your commitment:

  • Lease your roof or land to Solareo for 20 years – sign a long term lease. Solareo needs this mortgage only for the volume of the roof, to secure its presence on the roof during these 20+ years to operate the plant
  • Sign Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for 20+ years
  • Allow Solareo technician(s) to come regularly on the roof for maintenance of the plant

To learn more about solar leasing, please refer to an interesting article on Solareo’s blog here

If you have a project idea or have a land or roof to estimate and you want to reduce your electricity cost without need for heavy upfront investment, solar leasing is for you – please don’t hesitate to contact us and our engineers will contact you within 48 hours to understand your requirement.